About EV

Anthony and Robert Morton, Directors of renowned boutique building firm VCON, founded Element Five and now with the recent addition of Michael Stojkovic as the Director of Construction, are intent of implementing their residential expertise in the construction of high end multi-residential and commercial projects in Melbourne.

Element Five undertake each project in close consultation with architects and developers, to ensure the delivery of efficient construction methodologies and solutions.

Element Five boasts a distinctive ability to offer innovative resolutions to manage construction development costs, without ever compromising on timing and the highest quality and finish.

Focusing on a blend of architect’s intent, promise to developer and purchaser and cost effective build, Element Five’s reputation is maintained by consistently delivering on quality, value and promise across all components of a development.

“V-Struct Pty Ltd & V-Struct (Aust) Pty Ltd are subsidiaries of Element Five (Aust) Pty Ltd”